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We spent time “looking at the big picture and getting clarity around who is their  target, what is the impact this business is going to have, and using that as their motivation for marketing so that when people hear about their business, they  understand how it’s going to change their life…”

Mike Ames

Mountain BizWorks

 What is an Equity Partner?

The Entrepreneurial Accelerator Resource Bar provides a menu of helpful resources through our
partnerships along with local, regional, and state-wide resources. Our Equity Partners volunteer to represent their companies and themselves to the community by sharing information with our accelerator participants that will help them move forward in their entrepreneurial journey.

Other ways to participate

  • Order and Equity Over Everything tee or mug. View Store.


Who attends The Entrepreneurial Accelerator?

The Entrepreneurial Accelerator audience primarily consist of low income and minority participants. View our impact reports to get an idea of past demographics.

What is the time committment?

We typically ask Equity Partners to commit to 1 hour in the Resource Bar. Please allow time for questions during that time frame.

How does it work?
  • Fill out the application.
  • Submit any additional information or files such as a headshot, bio, link to your website or social media, and a presentation topic.
  • Select up to 3 different time slots for your presentation.
  • We will email you a final schedule and zoom link if the accelerator is virtual. We will communicate further instructions if it is in person.
  • Show up 10 minutes early and change lives!
Promoting the event

We do expect you to help promote the event to your network. We will provide a link and possibly graphics for you to share.

What kind of resources are you looking for?

We are looking for all kinds of resources. Past talks have consisted of topics like “How to get a business loan”, “How to write a resume”, “How to get government contracts”, “How to use Canva”, “How to create lead magnets”. If your business or organization provides business support, you can share how they can better work with you. 

Can I present at more than 1 accelerator?

Certainly. We have had repeat presenters in the past. The time slots are filled up on a first come, first serve basis and by attendee demand.

Can I attend an accelerator as part of the audience?

If you are presenting that weekend, you are welcome to view other sessions and classes. If you are not attending, you’ll need to register.

When is the accelerator?

Accelerators are typically occur during one of the last two weekends of the month. Friday evening is always an orientation and networking event. The Resource Bar will span the course of Saturday and Sunday from 9am – 2pm EST.

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