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What is the Folding Chair?

The goal of the Folding Chair is to celebrate new equity advocates, to add to the discussion of equity advocacy, and to serve as an invitation to those of you who might be interested in the Lenoir-Rhyne Equity & Diversity Institute.

Each session is approximately 2 hours, and in the past they have been hosted both in-person and virtually. The Folding Chair’s audience is usually a mix of LREDI trained equity advocates and general community members who are interested in discussing equity, diversity, and inclusion.

What is

The Lenoir-Rhyne Equity and Diversity Institute (LREDI) supports, inspires, and equips executives, non-profit leaders, educators, students, social activists and other community members who intend to spark change and cultivate better communities through their professional careers.

LREDI is designed to train equity advocates in the interest of building communities that are educated, challenged, and motivated to non-violently disrupt systems that create and support complicated complex social issues.

The curriculum focuses on equitable strategies and practices that can be applied to the professional fields of business, education, and technology, as well as to general community advocacy.

What Happens at the Folding Chair?

Each session includes hearing testimonials from recent program participants, an interactive networking activity and an interview to extend the equity advocacy conversation.

In September, we invited Rhyan Hill to our folding chair session to discuss age diversity.

Age diversity regards the ability to accept all different ages within a business environment. Rhyan discussed the entertainment industry.

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