Equity Over Everything

“If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair.”

– Shirley Chisholm

What is Equity Over Everything?

Equity Over Everything’s mission is to advance equity by closing the gaps in social equity, entrepreneurship and homeownership within low resource communities across the south.


Social Equity

To establish a safe space that is inviting and supporting to community members where they can tackle tough issues, laugh, dance and thrive.


To establish incubation, acceleration, and co-working programs that are inviting and supporting to businesses built by minority entrepreneurs from all walks of life.


To establish a homeownership seminar with 6 month, 12 month, and 24 month wrap-around support for minority individuals and families from under-resourced communities to help remove barriers.

“The onus of every generation is to discover their link in our fight for total liberation. Freedom is a continuum, and Equity Over Everything is our stake in this great legacy work.”

-Sheneika Smith,
Asheville City Council Member

Our Programs

We offer education and experiences that increase resources and help communities thrives. Each program is sustainable through its social enterprise component.

Social Equity

”The Asheville View” is a weekly daytime-style talk show hosted by Aisha Adams, Myriam Weber and Kirby Winner w/special correspondent Dr. Sharon Norling. In the opening segment, each host offers their personal take on ”Hot Button” issues. Afterward, Dr. Norling responds to an audience member’s question in the Ask The Doctor segment. In the second half of the show, Aisha introduces various celebrity guests who join the hosts in a chat or perform for the audience immediately after. 

Learn more at www.theavlview.com.

Homeowner Track

Our homeowner readiness course will help future homeowners by:

  • Assessing homeownership readiness,
  • Providing coaching around budgeting,
  • Teaching the fundamentals of credit,
  • Shopping for a home,
  • Maintaining a home and finances w/additional 6-24 months of credit counseling wrap-around services,
  • Financing a home.

Business Track

  • Desk space and seating in an open, bright coworking space
  • Option to rent personal offices
  • Phone booths for private calls and virtual meetings
  • Access to internet and printing
  • Access to conference rooms
  • State-of-the-art video and podcast studio access
  • Unlimited access to communal kitchen space
  • Networking opportunities
  • Monthly members-only newsletter
  • Logo and company description posted on our website
  • Discounts on day passes for visiting entrepreneurs and business friends
  • Discounts on upper level business courses offered
  • Access to courses, classes, and workshops  
  1. A small capacity building grant for new businesses just getting started, up to 5k.
  2. Specialized curriculum for minority owned business owners to help close gaps.
  3. Mentors and a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs at various levels on their startup journeys.
  4. State of the art incubation space along with masterclasses, workshops, and webinars delivered by experts, specialists, consultants and investors.
  5. Demo Days to showcase their work in the community.

During our 30 day accelerator program, we will supply each participating business with a customized curriculum based on their individual goals and the needs we identified during the application process.

On mornings and afternoons, founders will attend mentoring sessions, workshops, etc… based on their business needs, and select evenings and lunches will be focused on insights from experts with opportunities for Q&A.

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