Close the Gaps in Workplace Equity

How equitable is your website, marketing, processes, or facility? How can you make a difference?

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Does Your Organization, Department, or Team have a DEI Focus or Objective?

Equity Over Everything supports clients as we work together toward your diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) organizational strategic goals. You may choose from our standard goals below or we can create individualized organizational DEI goals as well.

Increase Diversity

Increase diversity at all levels of an organization through strategic marketing, planning, and equity audits.

Increase Inclusion

Cultivate a more inclusive environment through internal policy change, strategic relationship building, and equity audits.

Increase Equity

Increase equity through policy, practice, and programmatic audits and coaching or consulting through implementation.

How It Works

As an equity advocate, Equity Over Everything strives to always create a safe environment in which our clients can see themselves more clearly. This allows us to identify gaps between where your organization is and where you want and/or need to be as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion. This lends itself to us creating SMART goals and action plans that often require a shift in behavior and habits. These goals and plans then become the guiding structure for your accountability and shape our work together.



We review expectations and create a common language that will inform how we complete the equity audit process.

Equity audits are a list of recommendations based on an analysis of your company’s current policies, practices, and procedures.

Implementation and Training

During this phase, we draw from the previous audits and training and facilitate your organization in implementing better policies, practices, and procedures.

Training is offered 2 ways: Credential Training is offered through Lenoir-Rhyne University Equity & Diversity Institute (LREDI) or directly through Equity Over Everything .

Measure and Track

At this phase, we provide evaluation and continued action planning. We look at data and the impact of DEI changes. We invite clients to give feedback to continually work to improve outcomes.

We call this Measure and Track. At this step, we create the methodology and metrics to adopt, measure and track changes.

Flexible Audits that can go as Broad or as Detailed as you Require

Common equity audits include but are not limited to:


Employee Handbooks




Employee Handbooks


Social Media


Benefits Packages


Job Descriptions




Marketing Plans


HR Policies




Marketing Materials




Admission Policies



DEI Training

Available training includes but is not limited to:

Lenoir-Rhyne Equity & Diversity Institute (LREDI)

DEI Statement Development

Eliminating Bias (Title IX)

DEI for fundraisers

DEI for B Corps

Inclusive Program Design

Our Clients

Over the past 3 years, Equity Over Everything has specialized in helping clients advance diversity, equity, and inclusion through facilitated conversations, audits, workshops, and training. We serve a wide variety of clients across a variety of sectors. A few of our past clients include: