The Entrepreneurial Accelerator program has been truly transformational, and I am so appreciative to Equity Over Everything for putting together this amazing event.

I admit that I was a little skeptical after being invited by my business coach, Aisha Adams. She extended the invitation a few days before the start date and I was truly overwhelmed (my schedule is already packed).

After Aisha shared the list of resources and information that entrepreneurs would receive, I instantly knew that this was an opportunity that I could not say no to.

My intuition shouted to me that “this was the break that you need”.

How could I not say yes to multiple coaching connections, marketing, branding, community, financial workshops, lending assistance, and a chance to learn more about the IDA opportunity?

Of course, I said YES!

I was nervous gathering around a large table surrounded by 30+ people I didn’t know. I was highly self-conscious and I was unsure of myself and my business plans. My business plans were not concrete, and I felt like I was swimming in a sea of self-doubt.

I showed up nevertheless, and I am so glad I did!

The Experience

I quickly began to make new friends, and after listening to the opening keynote speeches I could feel myself filling-up with inspiration, motivation, and I could see new opportunities on the horizon.

The Entrepreneurial Accelerator weekend was packed full of all the resources that an entrepreneur needs to feel empowered when beginning a new business.

Over the course of the weekend, my ideas and plans began to FINALLY take shape and feel reachable.

I feel 100% more in sync with my visions for my business, Best Self Wellness Coaching & Movement.

My accomplishments over the Entrepreneurial Accelerator weekend included:

  • getting hands-on help with my website design and flow,
  • creating a sales funnel,
  • identifying 3 target markets,
  • and I gained a lot of important and relevant information during the financial workshop with Dr. Fox.

In addition to all this greatness, I learned about the opportunity to enroll into the IDA (Individual) program, and at the accelerator, I successfully completed over half of the required hours to qualify for this business grant.

What new business owner can’t use $4000.00?

All in a Weekend

Equity Over Everything is creating bridges for local business owners in Western North Carolina. The Entrepreneurial Accelerator program is a transformational event for men and women who are ready to make their dreams reality.

It’s so confusing and frustrating to start a new business. It can feel overwhelming and isolating. There are endless to-do lists and many unforeseen barriers. Programs like The Entrepreneurial Accelerator create solutions to these problems.

After just one weekend, I feel much more grounded in my path. My plans are clearer and I now have all the resources and connections I need to be a successful business owner.

I am my Best Self.

About the Author

Jodi Eubanks, the founder of Best Self Wellness Coaching & Movement is a teacher, writer, and healer. Jodi is the author of 10 Key Steps to Positive Self-Talk & Empowering the Sensitive Soul; she is currently working on a new online course and children’s book for positive self-talk. She loves sharing tools of wellness with others in hopes of helping bridge the gap in mental health and to create resilience for women healing from childhood trauma, PTSD, and/or anxiety. Jodi holds her BS in psychology from Fayetteville State University, as well as advanced certification in yoga therapeutics, expressive groove dance facilitatory certification, and she is a certified mindfulness educator.

In addition to being a successful business owner, Jodi also works with two local non-profit organizations: The Arc of Buncombe County & The YMCA of Western NC. Jodi implements a health and wellness program to students with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) who are within the Buncombe County & Asheville City School Districts; she currently serves 175 students each week. Jodi also implements a Resiliency & Mindfulness Summer Camp for individuals with IDD.

Jodi currently lives in Asheville, NC with her daughter, Mia.