We are currently looking for bloggers who are interested engaging their audience in a memorable conversation, story, or a lesson around equity. 

Getting out of poverty can be difficult in communities with low income and resources. Nearly two-thirds of the African-Americans and Hispanics who were reportedly in poverty in 2009 were still in poverty four years later in 2012. These racial disparities in poverty result from cumulative life disadvantages. My hope is that Equity Over Everything is a step in the right direction toward reducing the typical barriers that cause gaps in equity, such as rejected financing applications, lack of financial literacy, lack of business acumen and lack of access to adequate opportunities. 

Equity Over Everything seeks to advance equity by closing the gaps in homeownership and entrepreneurship within low resource communities across the south. 

Once we are to able to collect some equity, inclusion will no longer be an issue. We won’t need permission, policies, or procedures to be included in what belongs to us. Our goal is to offer homeownership courses, business incubation, acceleration and coworking space while also removing barriers and providing wrap-around services. 

Use your platform for good, and get a t-shirt from us.