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Equity Over Everything’s mission is to advance equity by helping to close the gaps in homeownership and entrepreneurship within communities of color through learning opportunities and barrier removal.

[ASHEVILLE , NORTH CAROLINA] — [May 2019] – While the poverty rate for the population as a whole is 12.3%, the rate varies greatly by race. The qualitative analysis of the disparity study provided by The City of Asheville indicated that in 2016, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders in the Asheville region were denied conventional home purchase loans at a greater rate than non-Hispanic White Americans. In that same analysis, it is no surprise that Black American-owned businesses were denied business loans at a greater rate than businesses owned by non-Hispanic White men.

“We’ve got to work toward closing the gaps. However, getting out of poverty can be difficult in low income and low resource communities. Nearly two-thirds of the African-Americans and Hispanics who were reportedly in poverty in 2009 were still in poverty four years later in 2012. These racial disparities in poverty result from cumulative life disadvantages. My hope is that Equity Over Everything is a step in the right direction toward reducing the typical barriers that cause gaps in equity, such as rejected financing applications, lack of financial literacy, lack of business acumen and lack of access to adequate opportunities,” explained the founder Aisha Adams.  

EOE is kicking off its capital campaign to raise up to $200,000.00 with the goal of setting up an office in an equitable space in Asheville to serve aspiring entrepreneurs, small business owners and homeowners of color.

”Once we are to able to collect some equity, inclusion will no longer be an issue. We won’t need permission, policies, or procedures to be included in what belongs to us. Our goal is to offer homeownership courses, business incubation, acceleration and coworking space while also removing barriers and providing wrap-around services,” Aisha explains.

Community organizations led by people of color are essential in reducing disparities because when community members see themselves reflected in the leadership, staff, and board of directors of these types of organizations it engenders trust. Yet, these same organizations often face large funding gaps and lack of access to social networks connected to grant making. Equity Over Everything is about holding space for people of color as we begin to make our way to the economic table.

”The onus of every generation is to discover their link in our fight for total liberation. Freedom is a continuum, and Equity over Everything is our stake in this great legacy work”- Sheneika Smith


Aisha Adams is a social media influencer with a heart for community economic development. Through her personal platform Nappy Thoughts (, Aisha has been a resource to individuals and families healing themselves from mental, emotional, and physical trauma. Her written work has appeared in publications like The Asheville Citizen Times, The Asheville Grit, and The Final Call. Aisha has a BA in English with a concentration in creative writing. She has a Masters in Post-Secondary and Adult Education. Aisha is also the founder of Aisha Adams Media Group (, a firm that specializes in assisting small businesses with remaining relevant within their communities as they increase their revenue through marketing. Currently, Aisha is working on Equity Over Everything, a project to advance equity by closing the gaps in homeownership and business in under- resourced communities.



Contact: Aisha Adams



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